About us

About Suntech

Over 2 Decades of enriched experience Murali Bharthi Narayanan Started Suntech services. Since Then Mr.Murali and his team started Creating and Maintaining Several Green Projects. Later on we starting delivering our expertise in the fields of Plantscaping, Green Walls and Green Roofs. We Stand Among One of the Few Manufactures Who Deliver Customized Wooden Planters Which Suits the Expectations of our customers.

Why We Are in this Business Because..

Anything to prevail there should be a reason. We are in this Green Life Business because we firmly believe, In order to have a happy and healthy life it is significant to live among other ecosystems. We fit our self as pioneer in offering a proven track record of creative and quality Green Concepts Such as, Landscape, Plantscape, Creation and Maintenance. Green walls and Green Roofs Creation and Maintenance. One of the Few Manufacturers of Customized Wooden planters. Integrated Pest management Solutions For both Residential and commercial Needs.